Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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You DO NOT need to register on Addoway to shop, but if you do, you will receive 25 FREE Addo Bucks to spend, and yes, I do accept them. You can use Addo Bucks with the coupon code at the bottom of this announcement.

If you want to register (and who knows, it's so easy to sell on Addoway, you may want to do your Spring Cleaning here), do that first, and then go to my storefront by clicking on View Storefront above or by going to @ to shop.

At this time there is no shopping cart at Addoway allowing you to purchase more than one item. So if you want combined shipping, click on the Watch Item button for each item, copy & paste your list & send it to me using the Contact Seller button to let me know what items you want, and I will send you an invoice directly from Paypal.

I am getting ready to go on a BEACH vacation, hence your coupon code is BEACH

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Write what you're passionate about!

A friend suggested that I write what I am passionate about!

Great advice! But how to narrow that down - I have so many interests. I guess that's why I changed my college major 3 times so many decades ago! And yes, I still managed to graduate in 4 years!
So today I will talk about what is consuming most of my time right now - internet sales.  I consider myself a hobby seller - but I certainly DO want to make some money doing it.  I started out just to get rid of things I no longer wanted or needed.  After over 18 years of retail management I have an incredible professional wardrobe I no longer need (or fit into - LOL). Then, as those started selling, I found lots of things that were just gathering dust. And now I've come full circle - I am actively seeking great bargains to resell to my customers at a great price.

I have learned alot about photography, writing short & accurate descriptions of  product, and of course the computor.  But mostly I have learned that there are so many wonderful people out there - both buyers and sellers - who are willing to share and give of themselves as I continue to learn. Bless all of you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LP Vinyl Records Revisted

As I mentioned in my previous post dated February 8, 2011, @, vinyl is not dead!
 What is really exciting is that young people are discovering the depth and warmth that is found listening to music on vinyl as opposed to listening to digital music. I want to share the following article  Be sure to check out my listings on Addoway @  I listen to each record prior to listing, unlike many online sellers.  You will be happy with any records you purchase!  And I have many, many more to list so check back often!