Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Write what you're passionate about!

A friend suggested that I write what I am passionate about!

Great advice! But how to narrow that down - I have so many interests. I guess that's why I changed my college major 3 times so many decades ago! And yes, I still managed to graduate in 4 years!
So today I will talk about what is consuming most of my time right now - internet sales.  I consider myself a hobby seller - but I certainly DO want to make some money doing it.  I started out just to get rid of things I no longer wanted or needed.  After over 18 years of retail management I have an incredible professional wardrobe I no longer need (or fit into - LOL). Then, as those started selling, I found lots of things that were just gathering dust. And now I've come full circle - I am actively seeking great bargains to resell to my customers at a great price.


I have learned alot about photography, writing short & accurate descriptions of  product, and of course the computor.  But mostly I have learned that there are so many wonderful people out there - both buyers and sellers - who are willing to share and give of themselves as I continue to learn. Bless all of you!