Monday, April 30, 2012

The Meaning and History of the Constitution

Some of you know I am taking the FREE online course presented by Hillsdale College: Constitution 101. This course is required for all undergraduate students at Hillsdale College and is a great way for you to refresh or learn about the Constitution that governs this country.
I really like the format of this course - each lecture is about 40 minutes and you take them at your convenience. You can register to take the course at I strongly urge you to take advantage of this free course and take advantage of this in-depth look at our founding.
About Constitution 101:
“Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution” is a 10-week online course presented by Hillsdale College.
Featuring an expanded format from the “Introduction to the Constitution” lecture series with Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry Arnn, Constitution 101 follows closely the one-semester course required of all Hillsdale College undergraduate students.
In this course, you can:
•watch lectures from the same Hillsdale faculty who teach on campus;
•study the same readings taught in the College course;
•submit questions for weekly Q&A sessions with the faculty;
•access a course study guide;
•test your knowledge through weekly quizzes; and
•upon completion of the course, receive a certificate from Hillsdale College.

Constitution 101 Schedule:
1.The American Mind
Larry P. Arnn
2.The Declaration of Independence
Thomas G. West
3.The Problem of Majority Tyranny
David Bobb
4.Separation of Powers: Preventing Tyranny
Kevin Portteus
5.Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government
Will Morrisey
6.Religion, Morality, and Property
David Bobb
7.Crisis of Constitutional Government
Will Morrisey
8.Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution
Kevin Portteus
9.The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
Ronald J. Pestritto
10.The Recovery of the Constitution
Larry P. ArnnAll lessons archived–start anytime! Register at


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here's How I Resource, Recycle and Reuse

Today's blog is a continuation of my blog from March 21. Today I'm focusing on how I try to be a good steward of our beautiful planet in my Addoway business.

From Webster's New World Dictionary - Resource: something that lies ready for use.  And do I have alot of "stuff" that is ready for someone to use! At our age, my husband and I are trying to downsize and eliminate some of the "stuff" in our home. I have a fabulous career wardrobe, but I've been retired for a few years now, and David is approaching retirement.

I found this statistic shocking - according to the ecomii website, @, Americans throw away 2 quadrillion pounds of clothing each year! If you are an environmentally-conscious consumer that believes in recycling rather than wasting resources, know that you can find good quality, gently worn, clean clothing in my Addoway store.  Most is from our own closets, the rest is from store clearance or thrift shops. ALL is thoroughly inspected for holes, tears, missing buttons, etc. Any defects will be thoroughly described.

I also have many gift items in the store - collectibles, sports memorbelia, housewares, books, music, etc.

I also sell alot of magazines. Most are specialty titles you won't find on the newstand - The Hook (the Journal of  Navy Carrier Aviation), Preservation (Historical Architecture), Hallowed Ground (Civil War), and more. What do people do with them? Read them of course, and magazines are a great resource for school projects, as well as art and craft projects.

I also reuse sturdy, clean cardboard boxes and packing materials when I can. Normally the only boxes I purchase are the specialty boxes used for shipping records.

What are you doing to Resource, Recycle & Reuse? Hopefully you will find my Addoway store a great Resource for your shopping needs! Comments are appreciated!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Make a Light Box & Take Better Pictures

I have read alot about how a lightbox can help you take more professional pictures. You can buy them online for about $30 and up, but being a thrifty person I hated to spend the money! I also found blogs describing how to make your own out of a cardboard box. But they had one drawback - you also had to cover the brown cardboard that was left with white paper, taking more time & effort than I wanted to expend.

But then I remembered I had several sheets of white coreboard - why not make my own box with them? So that's what I did.

I had 3 pieces of coreboard that were 20 inches X 15 inches (coreboard is also known as foamcore or foamboard.) You can find it at Walmart, office supply & art stores. that were 20 inches X 15 inches. So I used an X-acto knife to cut out the center of each piece leaving about 2-3 inches around the edges. Then I taped parchment paper (the kind you line cookie sheets with) over each large opening. The three panels were then taped together with clear packing tape forming a top and two sides. I then taped a fourth panel to the back, and set the whole thing on top of another piece of coreboard. Viola - about 15 minutes for a very practical lightbox. When I am photographing light colored items, I slip a piece of black posterboard into the lightbox.

Below you can see a picture of a necklace set I took without the lightbox and the same set with the lightbox. The stein is another item with the picture taken inside the lightbox. No flash was used - the only lighting is from the overheard
flourescent light in my office!