Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Passion for Sewing

My first blog on Addoway was the result of Frederick Nijm, co-founder of Addoway, suggesting that I write about what I am passionate about. So here goes another -

I love sewing, specifically making clothing. I haven't done much in recent years except for a few things for my grandchildren. But the love is still there. It goes dormant for a while, but always seems to come back.

In previous lives I taught sewing, managed a fabric store, and had a dressmaking business.

My current project is for the McCoy's Grand Theater's production of Seussical, the Musical! I am making the costume for the Amazing Mayzie. I can hardly wait for their performance at the end of July! The McCoy's is a wonderful community theater in Moorefield, WV., a little over 2 hours from my home.

I would like to share some of the basic sewing tips I have used over the years. Most of these are applicable whether you do craft sewing, quilting or dressmaking.

One of the easiest way to mark your fabric is to use a sliver of old-fashioned bar soap. You can get very fine marks that will usually steam out of the fabric with an iron - do test this first. Or you can wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Threading a needle can be a challenge, esp. with my old eyes! Many people will wet the thread in their mouth to try to thread the needle - but that actually splits the fibers. A better way is to put on some chapstick, and wipe your thread between your lips coating them with the chapstick. Voila, easy threading!

When you are pinning a seam, pin from each end going towards the center. That way you won't end up with extra fabric at one end. (I'm assuming the cutting was accurate - LOL)

When sewing, never sew over your pins. You risk damaging the fabric, or your machine. And when removing your pins, if the pin is between the presser foot and the feed dog, make sure you lift the foot with the needle in the fabric before pulling out the pin, or you could damage the feed dog. (Bet that one puzzles you non-sewers!)

Let me know if you like this blog and would like more sewing tips! I have a lot more I could share if you are interested. You can leave a comment at the end of this blog.

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