Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is Christmas Just Another Holiday?

We have a local church that has short ads on the radio. They are always thought provoking, and end with "not a sermon, just a thought". And that is what this is.

There are alot of Christmas movies on the TV this time of year, especially on the Hallmark and Lifetime channels. And I really do enjoy watching most of them.

This year it really struck me as to how secular most of them are. Usually the theme is about a conflict or difficult situation, and how we must "Believe" in the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus, etc. Very seldom is the real reason of Christmas mentioned - I actually can't think of even one right now.

The first part of Christmas is Christ. The reason we celebrate is His birth. We give gifts to remember the gifts the Three Wisemen brought, and that He is God's greatest gift to us.

I will continue to watch & enjoy Christmas movies. But I will also remember that when they say we must believe that I believe in Christ. Not a sermon, just a thought.