Monday, March 5, 2012

Should You Have A QR Code?

Quick Response Codes are the next generation of barcodes - they can hold lots more information than the traditional barcode. A barcode can only be scanned across where the QR code can be scanned across and up and down, thereby holding much more information.

Anyone with a smart phone can scan my QR Code above and be taken directly to my Addoway store! How cool is that?  QR Codes are becoming more and more popular, and more people are shopping from their smart phones all the time. And predictions are that it is going to increase. You may have seen QR Codes at stores when you shop, and on major product brands. And people will scan them because they are curious.

So how do I use mine? I have it on my business card, put it on packing slips, and any other correspondence I have with a customer.
How can you get one? I got mine at And it was FREE. Enter in your URL, and select the size you want.  Then click Generate! Now that was easy.
How do you think you can use a QR Code? Have fun, be creative. And share your ideas in the comment section below.