Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Parents Everywhere


Cat's in the Cradle sung by Harry Chapin

I always liked this song, but it wasn't until after my Dad died that I truly listened to the words. And as I was driving & listening, the tears started to flow. My Dad always made a lot of time for my two brothers and me, but I know too many Dads that don't. And sometimes it's just impossible, especially for those in the military who are gone for months at a time.
So my tears were for all the Moms & Dads who for whatever reason can't be there on a daily basis for their children, and for all of their children who don't really know their parents. Time is such a precious thing and we can never regain what has passed.

To all the Dads and the Moms who work outside the home, I hope you will listen to this video, read and heed the words. Comments welcome.