Friday, April 12, 2013

Space Memorabelia For Collectors

Recently there has been increased interest in Space Memorabelia. Possible reasons include the desire of Baby Boomers wanting to relive the excitement of the early days of Space Exploration starting with the Space Race of the 1960's.

Bonhams auction house in New York had a "Space History Sale" on March 25, 2013 with flight plans and approximately 300 other items. Some items were expected to sell for thousands of dollars!

Space related collectibles are astronaut autographs, NASA patches, pieces of real space vehicle hardware, stamps, toys, movies and items flown in space.

This First Day Postal Cover  was actually flown in space aboard the Challenger!

Promotional items from movies are also collected by those who love Space! Star Trek, Star Wars, etc are all popular with collectors.


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