Sunday, December 22, 2013

Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays


Sabrina (in front) and Sophie (in back) are our two Chihuahuas and they are so spoiled! They are both micro-chipped through Home Again. One of their services is to alert people in the area about lost dogs and cats in my area that are also micro-chipped through the same company. Sadly, many of these alerts come without a picture because the pet guardian never uploaded a picture to Home Again. If you have a pet that is micro-chipped, please take the time to complete the process by uploading a current picture and filling out any other information that will help find your pet!

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Just a reminder to all pet lovers - attention to the following Holiday pet safety tips can help ensure a joyous and SAFE Holiday for you and your pet. And save the cost of a visit to the vet during this busy time.

     1. Don't throw your dog a bone.
     2. Keep chocolate out of your dog's or cat's reach.
     3. Keep a lid on the garbage can.
     4. Keep holiday plants away from your dog or cat.
     5. Keep wrapping supplies away from your dog or cat.

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