Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Buy Pre-Owned Clothing? Why Not?

There are many great reasons to buy pre-owned! You can save alot of money buying the brands you love from sources that sell pre-owned clothing. Today I will be discussing why you should want to buy pre-owned clothing and how to buy items you will love!

I found this statistic shocking - according to the ecomii website, @, Americans throw away 2 quadrillion pounds of clothing each year! If you are an environmentally-conscious consumer that believes in recycling rather than wasting resources, know that you can find good quality, gently worn, clean clothing in my Addoway store. That equals smart recycling.

Economically - savvy consumers know pre-owned clothing = great value. Plus you can find classic styles that are flattering to you. Cool, hip and trendy styles are also available. Fashion always come back! Look at the platform shoes so popular today - I remember wearing them in college decades ago!

Thrifty consumers know that minor problems that are repairable = unbeatable bagains. Items some consider ugly can be upcycled and repurposed for other things. There are a number of resources on the internet for converting what I call ugly dresses into really fashionable skirts and/or dresses!

Not sure of your size? Most of us have more than one size in our closet that fits us - not all manufacturers use the same standard. The best way to know if something I have listed will fit you is to measure a similar item that you know fits. You will need to take armpit to armpit measurements, length measurements, inseam & rise measurements of trousers. I also include the manufacturer's name in all my ads, so if you have items by that vendor, you probably know the fit.

Pictures are very important - I try to get the clearest pictures I can. Color can sometimes be difficult, the way the computor displays them can even vary, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully.

Fabric content and care are also important. I wash or dry clean all my pre-owned clothing prior to listing, with the exception of leather/suede.

Remember that some items, such as denim, are very heavy so that will be reflected in shipping charges. Contact me if you want the local delivery option. You can also save on shipping by buying more! If I can fill a flat rate box, it is cheaper than shipping each item separately. You can find out how to do that here: @

Feel free to click on "Ask Seller" to ask me questions about any item in my store. I look forward to helping you! Visit my Addoway Store @