Thursday, October 6, 2011

All That's Old is New Again!

America has no “now”…. Our culture is composed of sequels, reruns, remakes, revivals, reissues, re-releases, recreations, re-enactments, adaptations…and nostalgia record collections.
– George Carlin, Brain Droppings, 1998

Platform shoes, zig-zag patterns, and so many of the styles of the 60's are back in vogue. Have you looked at small appliances like toasters lately? The retro look from the 50's & 60's are really popular. I think it is because people are looking for a simpler, more innocent time!

Many fashionistas shop thrift shops - not because they are trying to save money, but because they are looking for a unique look!

All of this got me thinking about how difficult it can be to get rid of things we no longer need. And the title of this blog hits the proverbial nail on the head!

For those of us who go thrifting to fill our stores, it would be easy to become hoarders. Balance between having items we can sell quickly, and keeping something we are sure will sell at a later date, months or even years from now, is something to always keep in mind when looking for items for resale. Not to mention storage space!

Some things that have recently sold on eBay will show why it is difficult not to keep everything:
A bundle of 100 vintage Pan Am cocktail napkins recently sold on eBay for $93.50
A rare Commodore 65 (remember those?) sold for $20,000
A rare Beatles 1963 album sold for over $18,000
Nine Flags Colton Mens Shaving Cologne Set 9 Bottles sold for $1350 - and some were opened! This was made in the mid-sixties!

Most of us thrifters won't be lucky enough to find items like these, but you just never know what will be the next hot thing to sell! And it is exciting to find items that others are looking for and make a few dollars doing it! As a seller, nothing makes me happier than the customer who is looking for something special and I have been able to fulfill her/his desires!

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Watch "Everything Old is New Again" from All That Jazz