Monday, October 31, 2011

Those Special Sales That Make Selling Online So Gratifying

There are many reasons why I sell online. I started just to get rid of things I no longer needed or wanted, and then I started "thrifting" - looking for great bargains to resell. Some people sell as a primary source of income, others like me are hobby sellers. But that doesn't mean I spend any less time researching the history of items I'm selling, or looking for those great bargains to share.
But by far the most gratifying reason I sell online is when a buyer finds their perfect item. And that has happened twice this month. Things that were not just bought, but that had a special meaning to the person buying it.
The first was the 2009 Reproduction of the 1961 My Favorite Career Nurse Barbie. A gentleman bought it - and what a wonderful gift it was to be for his special gal! She had been a Hooters girl in college, a flight attendant and then a nurse. He had previously found a Hooters Barbie and Flight Attendant Barbie, and was delighted to find the Nurse Barbie to give her. And what a thoughtful man to find these special gifts. She is a lucky lady!  By the way, I actually have another of these hard to find Barbies - I found two at a closeout store! You can see it at I have other Barbie's too.
The second second item was a set of 12 Art Seminars published in 1958. These were designed to be a homestudy art course and each volume consisted of text and 12 large (10" X 13") full color prints of the paintings being discussed - a total of 144 prints in the set! A lady in California contacted me because she had some questions about the listing.  In talking to her, I found out that her parents had that set when she was growing up and they inspired her to study art for 6 years in college. At some point they got "lost". And now her daughter is in college studying art and she wanted to share these wonderful books with her. Isn't that neat?!  I have another set to list, Great Periods in Art. Watch for it!
Sales like these are a bonus! The gratification goes way beyond the money generated!

Feel free to share your special sales in the comment section below.