Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Colors - Things I Love About Fall

I love the colors of Fall. The bright oranges, golds, muted reds, browns, olives - all abound in Nature this time of year. This is my season - not only was I born in the Fall, my personal color pallette is an Autumn.

Soon the leaves will be turning. I think they will be early this year because we have been so dry. But here in Virginia the leaves aren't as brilliant as in New England. I grew up in Northern NY - about an hour south of Montreal. Autumn was wonderful there! Indian Summer was common - and a good thing too because the winters were brutal back then.

Don't forget your wardrobe. It will soon be time to add layers: jackets & sweaters. Wear your favorite Fall colors! 

Look for dried leaves, or silk ones, to change your decor to an Autumn theme. Small things like the votive set pictured above can make a beautiful fall statement on your table, especially surrounded by autumn leaves. You may want to display some plates in Fall colors on your counter or mantel if you have a fireplace.

Pumpkins and gourds can be found at your local farmer's markets and are great items to add to your Autumn theme now through Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Have fun and enjoy the colors of Autumn!