Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Dickens Village At My House

My last blog showed the completed Dickens Village from last year. I took a slightly different approach this year, still starting with the three basic tables. And yes, our house gets rearranged to do this - we are lucky to have an oversized living room!  I worked for a couple hours each day for about a week to finish and I already have some ideas for next year's display!

The beginning of the video shows how I start: the three tables are covered with white cloth, then the snow blankets and the train track. I always run the engine around a few times to make sure everything runs as it should. Then I do a basic layout of where I want the buildings. Next I hide the electric cords and build the roads.

A few years ago I started using aquarium gravel for the roads and it works really well. Then the street lights go up and the accessories and people appear!

Next are the smaller scenes.  The Litton Lighthouse and Captain's House are on the top of a small cabinet. The lightkeeper is teaching a young boy how to whittle a boat, a Christmas tree is being delivered by boat, the lifesaving boat crew are practicing, and an artist is painting a picture of the lighthouse from the Captain's yard.

Then there is the Art District in the foyer. It is anchored by the Globe Theater next to a park where Charles Dickens is reading 'A Christmas Carol'. The piece Dickens is standing on is one of my favorite pieces - it is signed by Gerald Charles Dickens, the Great-Great-Grandson of the Charles Dickens. We saw him perform 'A Christmas Carol' several years ago and he was magnificent! If you ever get a chance to see him perform, I highly recommend you go. After the performance he signed that piece and the book. There is also a Quintent playing near the music store.

This year I put the Cratchit house near Ashley Pond. The workmen are putting the final touches on a new thatched roof for the Cratchits. There is also a smaller Cratchit house on the back side of the tracks in the largest display. Did you see it? There is a skating party going on at the pond - lots of fun!

The final scene is the Rockingham School and Knottinham Church. Some of the children are following their teacher towards the church while others play on the merry-go-round. Did you see the spirits?

When this was smaller, I took it down in January. But the last few years we have left it up until February, and the last two years it has stayed until mid-March! It's alot of fun and I do like to share it. Hope you like it too!

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