Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh No! The Blue Screen of Death!

Monday was not a good day. My computer & all peripherals are plugged into a surge protector. I also was charging my Kindle in the same surge protector. When I went to unplug my Kindle, I accidentally hit the on/off switch, shutting down power to everything. I immediately switched it back on, which was a mistake. My computer had been on when all this happened, and I am sure the surge before it had totally shut down was the cause of the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death'.

Not all blue screens mean that the computer is fried, but the 'Unmountable_Boot_Problem' is.
The good news is that Dell is building me a new computer, so everything will be really speedy & new. The bad thing (besides the money) is I have lost some data for good. There are a few photos I had not gotten around to backing up that are gone for good, and one album I had converted to MP3 and sold, but hadn't loaded onto my Ipod yet.

The learning experience: My old computer was XP and I loved it. So I will be learning Windows 7. I didn't want Windows 8 since sometimes there are still glitches when a new system is rolled out. Also my monitor etc. are compatible with Windows 7.

I will now back-up everything, or subscribe to one of those services where everything goes to 'The Cloud'. The ironic thing is I had recently read in the C-Net newsletter that most hard drives only last about 4 years - mine was 4 years old December 2012.

I hope you never have this problem. Oh, and now I have a backup hard drive just in case!

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