Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Price increases for USPS

I am sure you are aware the USPS is in deep trouble. To help address this, shipping is increasing on January 27, 2013.
FedEx and UPS have also announced shipping increases.

Here are the most commonly used USPS services and their increases:

First class mail - 46 cents for the first ounce, each additional ounce is 20 cents
Postcards - 20 cents (no increase)
Priority Mail - Flat Rate - Small box, $5.80; Medium box, $12.35; Large box, $16.85
Priority Mail - Flat Rate Envelopes - Regular, $5.60; Legal, $5.75; Padded, $5.95

Express and international mail is also increasing. Your forever stamps are fine!

What does that mean for buyers who shop on the internet, and to those sellers that service them with free shipping? Prices will have to increase.